API 6A Ball Valve

API 6A ball valves are designed for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. These ball valves are useful for cryogenic services also. These ball valves are usually mounted with trunnion to bear the heavy pressure. Metal to Metal seats is designed to handle the low temperature. It is also designed for different special environments with various fluids such as extreme sour gas services, ensuring the highest level of requirements in different environments such as high temperature and pressure applications. These are suitable for long pipelines, overpressure reliefs, and leakage proofs. Under API 6A mostly Trunnion ball valves are manufactured.

API 6A ball valve is crucial for wellhead oilfields and is usually installed on wellhead Christmas trees, wellhead ball valve pipelines, wellhead choke manifolds, etc. This ball valve is available in Worm gear, pneumatic and Hydraulic operations.


  • Psi: 2000-20000
  • Metal to Metal Seat
  • High and Low-temperature service
  • Cryogenic service
  • Double Block and bleed valve
  • Convenient assembling and repairing
  • High-performance mechanism driving, small torque
  • Bubble-Tight Shut-Off
  • Compliance with API 6A inspection and testing


  • Wellhead pipelines
  • Christmas tree
  • Manifold system


  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Chemical
  • Petroleum
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