Gate Valve

Middleeast valve is well known for Gate Valve Suppliers in UAE. It is a type of valve used to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline. It operates by raising or lowering a gate or wedge inside the valve body to either block or allow the flow of fluid. It is typically used in applications where a full flow or a complete shut-off of the fluid is required, rather than in situations that require fine control of flow rates. Its key parts include the valve body, bonnet, gate, stem, and actuator.

How do valve gates work?

Valve gates regulate the flow of molten material into mold cavities in injection molding processes. They consist of a gate pin that can move to open or close the gate. When closed, the pin seals off the gate, preventing material flow, while opening allows material to enter the cavity. Controlled by hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric actuators, valve gates offer precise control over material flow, reducing gate vestige and minimizing gate freeze-off.

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