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Triple duty valves combine three different types of valves that are typically found on the discharge side of a hydronic pump system: a shut-off valve, a check valve, and a balancing/throttling valve. Combining these valves can save space in crowded mechanical rooms, which is by far the most significant advantage of the triple duty valve. Using a multi-purpose triple duty valve can often result in significant cost savings. These valves are economical.

A triple duty valve contains components that allow it to function in the same way as three separate valves.

  • System Shut-Off- Positive shut-off, which allows the pump to be isolated from the rest of the system, is available on both disc- and ball-style triple duty valves. If the triple duty valve has a ball, a concealed ball with a hole in the centre rotates to open or close the valve. A triple duty valve disc, similarly, will pivot and approach the seat with a “cam” action, resulting in high seating pressure. Thus, even when using metal seats and discs, tight flow shut-off is possible.
  • Backflow Prevention- A triple duty valve’s check valve prevents backflow and gravity circulation in pumping systems by only allowing fluid flow in one direction, preventing pump damage and unwanted heat transfer through the system. Furthermore, many triple duty valves have a non-slam check valve for quiet operation.
  • Flow Rate Preservation- The balancing or throttling valve function optimises system operating efficiency and provides precise flow with a maximum control range by setting the system flow rate within a triple duty valve. Most triple duty valves have a pre-set balance and memory stop that allows the valve to be reset to the correct position after being shut off.

Advantages of triple duty valve:

  • The valve functions as a controller, non-return valve, and shut-off valve all at the same time.
  • It is more efficient than a variable balancing valve, butterfly valve, or check valve.
  • It is cost-effective.
  •  It has a compact design.

Industries which use Triple duty valve:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation


  • Materials Body: Cast Iron, Ductile iron, WCB
  • Nominal pressure: PN6-PN25
  • ANSI Class: 150
  • Size: 2 Inch- 24 Inch
  • Ends: Flanged
  • Operations: Handle wheel operated

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