Middleeast valve is famous for Plunger Valve Supplier Saudi Arabia. It is also known as a piston valve, is a type of valve used to control the flow of fluid (liquid or gas) through a pipe or tubing system. It consists of a cylindrical or conical plug, called a plunger or piston, which moves inside a matching cylindrical or conical housing or chamber. It can be lifted or lowered to open or close the valve, respectively, regulating the flow of fluid through it.

The primary function of a valve is to control the flow of fluid in a pipeline or system. By adjusting the position of the plunger, you can regulate the flow rate, allowing for precise control over the fluid’s passage.


  • Opening Valve: when it is lifted or moved upward, it creates an opening between the plunger and the housing. This allows fluid to flow through the valve.
  • Closing Valve: when it is pushed down or moved downward, it closes the opening between the plunger and the housing, preventing fluid from flowing through the valve.


  • It is designed to handle high pressures and are suitable for use in systems with high-pressure fluid flow.
  • Due to the design of the plunger valve, it can provide a positive shut-off of the flow, which is important in applications where a complete shut-off is required.
  • It is known for their durability and reliability and can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments.
  • Due to the design of the valve, it can handle fluid with high particles or abrasive fluid which can cause wear and tear in other types of valves.


  • Water and Sewage Treatment
  • Chemical Processing Industry
  • Oil and gas production Industry
  • Power generation Plants
  • Pulp and paper Industry
  • Marine and shipping Industry
  • Mining and mineral processing Industry


  • Available material: Cast iron, Ductile iron, Cast steel (WCB).
  • Size- 4 Inch- 80 Inch
  • Pressure: PN 6-PN 63
  • Class: 150-300
  • Ends: Flanged
  • Operations: Handwheel

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