Middleeast valve is the most trusted Surge Anticipator valve in UAE. We provide our customers with high quality, durable and cost-effective industrial valves. We supply valves in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. A surge anticipator valve is a valve that is essential for safeguarding pumps, pumping equipment, and all applicable pipelines against dangerous pressure surges caused by rapid changes in flow velocity within a pipeline. Harmful surges are avoided when pumping systems are started and stopped gradually. However, if there is a power cut, the abrupt stopping of the pump can cause dangerous surges in the system, potentially causing severe equipment damage. When a pump loses power, there is usually a down surge in pressure followed by an upsurge in pressure. On the initial low-pressure wave, the surge control valve opens, diverting the returning high-pressure wave from the system. In effect, the valve has anticipated the returning high pressure wave and is now opened to dissipate the surge-causing damage. The valve will then slowly close without causing any additional pressure surges.

Industries which use Surge anticipator valve:

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Nuclear Industry


Material: Ductile iron, Cast iron, WCB,

Size: 2 Inch-24 Inch

Class: 150-300

Nominal Pressure: PN10-PN40

Ends: Flanged

Operations: Hydraulic operated & Pilot operated

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