API 6A Gate Valve

Gate valves are on/off valves primarily used for permitting or stopping the flow of the material. They are good at regulating or controlling the flow. With API 6A design, gate valves can also control the flow and can handle high pressure. API 6A Gate Valve focuses not only on petroleum industries but also oil, drilling, and other severe service industries. They also have a full forged bodies.

API 6A gate valves are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric designs. These are available with wireline-cutting capability and a full complement of accessories such as position indicators, fusible lock-open devices, and manual overrides. API 6A gate valves are designed specifically for large-bore and high-pressure applications. These incorporate features such as forged body construction, a floating gate, and bidirectional sealing.


  • Wellhead Equipment.
  • Christmas Tree.
  • Manifold and safety shutdown applications.

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