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The steam trap is a necessary component of any steam system. It is the key link between good steam and condensate management, retaining steam within the process for maximum heat utilisation while releasing condensate and incondensable gases when necessary. Steam traps are a type of automatic valve that filters out condensate (condensed steam) and non-condensable gases like air while not allowing steam to escape. Steam is frequently used in industry for heating or as a driving force for mechanical power. Steam traps are used in such applications to prevent steam from being wasted. Steam traps are applicable in drip applications, process applications & tracing applications.

Advantages of steam trap:

  • Removing liquid condensate from the mixture to prevent two-phase flow formation.
  • There is little steam loss.
  • Long service life and reliability without rapid wear.
  • Corrosion resistance prevents the corrosive effects of acidic or oxygen-rich condensate.

Types of steam traps:

  • Thermostatic Steam trap
  • Thermodynamic Steam trap
  • Ball Float steam trap
  • Inverted bucket steam trap
  • Bi Metallic steam trap


Materials: Carbon steel, Ductile iron, Stainless steel (SS304, SS316), Cast iron, Forged steel (A105, F11, F22)

Class:150 to 300

Pressure: PN10 to PN64

Ends: Flanged, Socket weld, Butt weld, Threaded

Size: 1/2″ to 2″