Lubricated plug valve

Middleeast Valve is one of famous Lubricated plug valve supplier in Dubai , Which Supplies  different types of valves to different cites like Qatar,Kuwait,Oman. Lubricated plug valves are good maintenance valves as they needed to be lubricated regularly. They are therefore recommended for applications with infrequent operations.  The plug is mostly cylindrical, but  they are also available in conical shapes. It is  used  a lubricant base oil and viscosity improver, injected into the valve under pressure to reduce friction and to provide a seal between the valve’s seating surfaces.


  • Reduces internal leakage by forming a durable seal between the body and the plug.
  • Prevents rusting on surfaces.
  • Surfaces are lubricated, which lowers the required actuation force.
  • Solids are prevented from entering the plug cavity by higher lubricant pressure.


  • Petroleum
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemical fertilizer
  • Electric power industry

Plug valve

A plug valve can be rotated inside the valve body to control the flow of fluids and has a cylinder or cone shape. When a plug valve is open, one or more hollow channels are frequently positioned horizontally to facilitate easy flow through the valve.

The two port form with an open and closed state is the most popular kind of plug valve. The stem and handle are typically on top of the valve, and the two ports are often on opposite sides, with one tunnel connecting the inbound and outbound ports

Applications of a Plug Valve:

  • Oil piping system
  • High pressure & Extreme temperature flow systems
  • Chemical servicing
  • Corrosive substances processing

Advantages of a Plug Valve:

  • Provide dependable leak-free service.
  • Coated bushing provides the characteristics of face sealing.
  • Simple to open and close (except for large dimensions).
  • The use of many ports reduces the required valves and allows flow direction changes.
  • There are fewer rotating components.
  • Tight shut-off

Disadvantages of a Plug Valve:

  • Experiences pressure drop due to reduced port pressure.
  • Have the potential to be irritating.
  • Incompatible with throttling applications.
  • Larger valves require an actuator.
  • More space is required.

Industries that use Plug Valves:

Plug valves are used in a variety of industries, including

  • Chemicals
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Production
  • Wastewater treatment

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