Ball Valve

Middleeast valve is one of the best Ball Valve Suppliers in UAE. It is a mechanical device used to control the flow of fluids in pipelines. Its main components include a spherical ball with a hole through its center, a handle or lever, and inlet and outlet ports.

Working- When the handle is turned, the ball inside the valve rotates, either allowing or blocking the flow of fluid through the hole. In the open position, the hole aligns with the ports, allowing fluid to pass freely, while in the closed position, the hole is perpendicular to the ports, stopping the flow.

At the heart of every ball valve lies a simple yet ingenious design. The valve comprises a spherical obstruction, aptly named the “ball,” with a hole bored through its center. In the closed position, this ball aligns with the valve body’s passageway, blocking the flow of fluid. Conversely, when rotated 90 degrees, the ball’s hole aligns with the passage, enabling the flow of fluid. This straightforward mechanism allows for swift and precise regulation of flow, making ball valves a preferred choice in countless industrial applications.

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